OnLoad - A Myth Buster

Hackathons are events where all the tech-geeks come together to achieve something in a stipulated period of time. The image which comes to mind if we look at the above definition is all participants with head buried deep in their devices coding and debugging their problem's solution. And, the organizers sitting in a corner, in like an inquiry booth, supervising the participants. This was what I had experienced in a few hackathons, and this was proven a myth by Onload.

The Onload hackathon, a 30-hour code fest held at VVCE, Mysuru on 23rd and 24th March 2019 was a dream come true for coding enthusiasts. The arrangements were no less in grandeur to a royal wedding, the mentors were supportive like Gurus of Indian mythology. The day started with volunteers handing out the goodies & IDs to the participants, and allotting tables for the teams to work.


The mentors were like angels, who stayed up all night with participants to help them out in the adventure. The facilities given by the organizers to code, let it be the WiFi or platforms like Matic for Blockchain, Indorse for code review or AWS were tailor-made for a hacker. These all made us, the participants to learn better and deeper than we could in a short span of time. The gaming area was extremely helpful for participants to maintain sanity in 30-hour long hackathon.

The things that stood out

  1. The best part for a Bhukkad like me was the food, the topic ridden with complaints in any function. Was there a complaint? NO! This hackathon had the best food arrangements. I believe, the person behind it knows what the people need in what period of time.
  2. The resting and refreshing facilities. I've participated in day long hacks where all they provide is technological help, but not for mental refreshments. The auditorium arranged by Onload for participants to take a nap and get refreshed sure pumped a new amount of energy, adrenaline rush felt ashamed.

Thanks to all organizers and sponsors for such a joy-filled experience, and platforms and mentors for etching our learning curve.

My team Crawlers was runner up at OnLoad 2019

Finally, "Onload, I'm proud that I was part of you in 2019, and would be in 2020 too".