Hackathons are time-constrained events where individuals from different geographic locations come together with a myriad of thought-provoking ideas to build something life-changing.

For the second year running, OnLoad 2.0 was convened on February 28th - March 1st, 2020, at Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru.

This year, OnLoad received over 1000 applications from applicants spread across cities from all over the country.

OnLoad introduced its first ever edition with a conference consisting of a great lineup of talks by professionals with profound knowledge.
The venue welcomed the attendees on the morning of 28th February for the conference.

The check-ins were a breeze thanks to Devfolio’s dashboard. The registration process was followed by a much needed scrumptious breakfast to kick-start the day.
The stage was then set to welcome the gathering and get started with the conference.

Attendees are geared up to get started with OnLoad 2.0

The conference was kicked off with a brief recap of how OnLoad came into being, by our masters of ceremony, Apoorva Singh and Umesh A.
The floor was then ready to begin with the talks.

Our Speaker Lineup

Our first speaker, Mr Vikram Sahu, Developer Evangelist at Pepipost, delivered a talk on 'How to Dodge Roadblocks in a Way of Becoming an Amazing Developer'.

The stage was then taken over by Mr Satish Swaminathan, Chief Operating Officer at Archimydes who brought out the importance of work-life by delivering a talk on 'The Future of Work'.

Following which, Mr Subbakrishna M V took the stage to deliver a talk on 'Machine Learning and its Features'. Having a quirky talent for whistling, he engaged the crowd by whistling a few songs!

Mr Rishabh Singh then took to the stage and delivered a talk on 'Fantastic Hackathons and how to win them'. Sharing his experience at numerous hackathons, he gave out many interesting ideas to implement while attending a hackathon.

It was then time to stretch the legs and feed the hungry tummies. The conference was paused for lunch.

The day continued with a talk by Mr Ameer Jhan, who works as an SDE I at Quantium. He delivered a talk on 'Kickstarting your OSS Journey'.

This was followed with a talk delivered by Mr Arjith Natarajan, on 'The Anatomy of Problem Solving'. Arjith being a hackathon aficionado gave away many enthralling points for the hackers.

The session was then broken for High Tea, to energize the attendees and keep them from falling asleep.

The conference continued with Mr Abhilash A delivering a talk titled 'Let's get PWA Savvy'.

Last but not the least, Mr Denver D’Souza gave a talk on 'Building the hacker ecosystem with Devfolio'.

The conference wrapped up by 19:00 and the hackers grabbed their laptops, and coffee cups and got ready to get started with hacking.

The mentors were providing constant support by guiding the contestants throughout the whole hackathon. The contestants then pondered about the points put forth by the mentors and followed the advice to the letter.

To be honest, the project ideas the hackers were working on surpassed the high expectations of the mentors.

A long day calls for weariness, but thanks to the set of recreational activities set up by our team, it wasn't so hard to deal with.

What a way to keep the brain working even while taking a break!
Participants taking time off to get the VR experience

The following day was filled with hackers engrossed in their world, working on their hacks.

With persistent motivation, the hackers worked on their projects day and night.
To keep the energy level high there was 24/7 access to hot beverages and snacks for the participants.

A walk down the memory lane! OnLoad 1.0’s journey represented using pictures
Participant on a break
Pictured here - OnLoad's main brain
Unicorn at work
Our ever enthusiastic hackers managed to pose for pictures despite being tired
Our ever enthusiastic hackers managed to pose for pictures despite being tired
Our ever enthusiastic hackers managed to pose for pictures despite being tired

The final day started with judging at 08:00 in the morning.

Judges pose before heading up to tables to check out the hacks

The judges went about judging the hacks and chose top 9 hacks to move to the next round.

The top 9 teams then presented their idea in front of the panel and waited for the results.

While the judges were busy deciding who deserves the top three places, the contestants were offered yummy hot pizzas!

Announcing the winner list

There was tension all around the venue. It was finally time to announce the results!

Third Place

Team Enfield Poltergeist came up with a hack that helps find like-minded people over the internet, bagging them the third place!
Check it out at: https://devfolio.co/submissions/findr

Second Place

With an increasing number of crimes against women, team Illuminati worked on an app that ensured better safety. Their idea helped them secure the second place.
Check it out at: https://devfolio.co/submissions/project-x

First Place

Team SubMohMayaHai’s project was on finding the condition of the road that is used to commute. This life-changing idea placed them on top of the table!
Check it out at: https://devfolio.co/submissions/showmedawae

Saving the best for the last, a huge shout-out to all the sponsors who contributed immensely for the success of OnLoad 2.0!

Finally, thanks to all the speakers, participants, organizers, and volunteers, for giving in to making OnLoad 2.0 a grand success!

Here’s to many more editions of OnLoad!